Thursday, January 18, 2007

Campaign Finance Filings in SD7

The February 6 special election for the open State Senate seat in the Seventh District (say that 10 times fast) will have three campaign finance report fillings. One is on January 26th, one is after the election on March 5th, and the third was on January 16th. So how much have the candidates raised?

Maureen O'Connell has raised $347,060 and spent $330,178, leaving her with $16,882 in cash on hand.

O'Connell's contributions came from just 4 sources:
  1. $330,000 came from the State Senate Republican Campaign Committee
  2. $8,500 came from Long Island Republican State Senator Kemp Hannon's campaign committee
  3. $8,500 came from Deputy Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, who hopes to one day be Senate Majority Leader
  4. $60 came from a small dollar campaign contributor
Craig Johnson has raised $218,801 but spent only $6,955, meaning he is way ahead with $211,845 in cash on hand.

Johnson's contributions came from over 40 people (the link shows $126,301 raised but doesn't include over $90,000 from the Johnson family).

Johnson's behind in campaign contributions but way ahead in cash on hand. But don't get overconfident by the disparity in cash on hand - Johnson Campaign HQ says their cash on hand number only reflects spending up to the 11th (the legal cutoff) and most of that money is spoken for in the form of TV ads.

Now we've got 10 days until the next campaign finance reports are due to translate grassroots support for Craig Johnson into campaign dollars. For that, we need you. You've got two ways to help -

Volunteer | Donate

19 more days until Election Day - get involved today!

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