Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Craig Johnson for State Senate TV Ad #3

Here's the third Craig Johnson for State Senate TV commercial. Jimmy Siegel directed the ad; see his first two ads for the Johnson campaign here and here. In the ad, titled "How to Save," five accountants from the Seventh Senate District take O'Connell to task for her record of raising taxes.

Be sure to read about the O'Connell audit scandal and sign up to be part of the Johnson campaign GOTV push!

The ad features Certified Public Accountants Ellyn Sosin and Lenny Kreigel of New Hyde Park, Mitch Beckerman of Great Neck, Larry Greenstein of Port Washington and Accountant Stephen Goodman of Great Neck.

Here's the full script:
TITLE: "How to Save"

Here's what you need to know to save on taxes this year.

Maureen O'Connell voted to raise taxes and fees over 80 times--a product of the same Republican machine that almost brought Nassau County to its knees.

It might have happened, if Craig Johnson hadn't jumped in, working with Tom Suozzi to create a remarkable financial turnaround.

Bringing Nassau back to fiscal health.

So, on February 6, you can vote for someone who raises taxes--

Or, vote for someone who will lower them.

SUPER: Vote Craig Johnson for State Senate. Special Election, February 6th.
6 days until Election Day!

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