Thursday, January 18, 2007

Working Families Party Field Operation in SD7

I want to update everyone on the Working Families Party field operation to elect Craig Johnson to the State Senate.

The WFP has been sending out around 45 people a night for the last week to knock on doors and talk to voters about Craig Johnson. After a week of work, the WFP field operation has knocked on 15,293 doors.

Why is this important? The answer comes down to one word: turnout.

A Presidential election year is the high water mark for voter turnout. The high level of attention focused on a Presidential race drives voter turnout up to 50% of eligible voters. That drops in non-Presidential year elections like the 2006 election. And it drops even more for special elections that aren't held in November, like the one Craig Johnson is running in on February 6th in the Seventh State Senate District.

To give you some numbers, around 7.5 million people voted in New York state in 2004. That dropped to 4.7 million people in 2006. For a low profile special election held in early February like this one, voter turnout drops precipitiously, to as low as 10%.

That means shoe leather decides who wins. The campaign that wins is the one that knocks on the most doors to identify the most supporters and turn them out to vote. A solid field operation is critical to winning a special election.

But that takes money. To fully fund our field operation, we need to raise $10,000 online. We've gone full speed ahead and deployed our Get Out the Vote operation already - betting that your support will translate into the dollars we need to win, just like it did during the 2006 Congressional elections.

Your donation will help put Craig Johnson in the State Senate. Donate today.

Here are some pictures from one of our first training sessions for the campaign.








19 days until Election Day!

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