Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Greyhound Outsources Jobs

Greyhound management wants to outsource jobs from America to other countries so it can cut worker's wages.

In 2004, Greyhound management subcontracted most of it's bus lines between Los Angeles, San Diego and Tijuana to a newly-formed company called Crucero that was also owned by Greyhound. What's the difference between Greyhound and the Greyhound subsidiary? The Greyhound subsidiary outsourced most of its jobs to Mexico so it could cut workers wages by two-thirds.

In 2006, the average Greyhound driver made less than $35,000, with many full time drivers making less than $30,000, and Greyhound admits that one-third of all drivers' work time is unpaid. (It looks like Greyhound drivers are exempt from overtime law.)

In return, Greyhound drivers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and work more than 16 hours per day. Since 1983, Greyhound drivers have lost more than 60% of their buying power through wage cuts and sub-inflation wage increases. And only 51% of Greyhound drivers and mechanics get health care benefits.

So why outsource? Drivers for Greyhound's subsidiary have none of these benefits and are paid barely more than minimum wage.

Now the Amalgamated Transit Union is bargaining a new nationwide contract with Greyhound and wants Greyhound to agree not to subcontract any of its current miles. For it's part, Greyhound has hired a union-busting law firm, Crowell & Morning.

Please sign a petition of support for Greyhound workers and send a message to Greyhound management not to outsource jobs.

Take action at http://www.workingfamiliesparty.org/Greyhound/

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