Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pressure Mounts on O'Connell to Come Clean, Release Audit

Maureen O'Connell is continuing to stonewall an audit of her performance as Nassau County Clerk, even as she runs for an open State Senate seat on her record in office.

Yesterday, Craig Johnson, the D-WFP nominee for the open Senate Seat, called on O'Connell to come clean and release the audit:
"I think the public has a right to know. When there is an official government document out there with content that is material to Ms. O'Connell's management and leadership abilities that she is keeping secret, that strikes me as unfair to voters. That's why I'm asking her to release the audit on her own and clear the air."
Nassau County Legislator Diane Yatauro, Chair of the Government Services and Operations Committee, has also joined the call for O'Connell to release the audit:
"Newsday reported today that Nassau Comptroller Howard Weitzman has prepared an audit of the Nassau County Clerk's office. As chair of the County Legislature's Government Services and Operations committee, I call on Maureen O'Connell to release the audit and clear the air. There is no excuse for blocking the public's and the legislature's right to understand the depth of the charges of mismanagement of her office."
Coverage of the story is widening, with this broadcast on Channel 12 News putting more pressure on O'Connell to come clean and release the audit.

An article in today's Newsday shows O'Connell in full coverup mode. She even goes so far as to say that she has had "no chance to respond" to the audit.

The truth is, O'Connell admits that she's had the audit since January 12th - which means she's had enough time to respond. Instead, O'Connell insists she won't respond to the audit until her Deputy Clerk comes back from maternity leave.

There's a straightforward way for Maureen O'Connell to answer questions about her actions as Nassau County Clerk - release the audit.

Call Maureen O'Connell and ask her to come clean:
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