Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Skelos and Bruno

For those without access, since I believe it's not online, here's the rumor that Liz Benjamin refers to in passing today from Crain's Insider:

Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno has put a significant contingent to work on the Long Island race to replace Sen. Michael Balboni, and insiders say that Bruno is doing so to protect his interests. They claim he doesn't trust Sen. Dean Skelos, R-Nassau, to go all out for Republican candidate Maureen O'Connell, because Skelos could gain if she loses: Her loss would weaken Bruno's hold on the Senate majority, and Skelos might be able to take control, insiders say. A spokesman for Skelos says the idea is ridiculous. The senator is O’Connell's campaign chair, has given her money and met with her personally to encourage her to run."
20 more days until Election Day!

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