Wednesday, January 24, 2007

NY Ed-PAC endorses Craig Johnson

And they're coming strong out of the gate, with a new commercial and a $250,000 ad buy.

Here's the press release and ad text:
NY Ed-PAC Launches Major Ad Campaign to Defeat Maureen O’Connell

Takes O'Connell to Task for Right Wing Record, Labels Her "Out of Step with Nassau Families"

NY Ed-PAC launched a major TV ad campaign in Nassau County targeting GOP State Senate candidate Maureen O'Connell for her right wing voting record as a member of the New York State Assembly.

"Maureen O’Connell is out of step with Nassau families. In the Assembly she voted against stem cell research and even introduced legislation to ban it. Instead of voting with Nassau families, she voted in lock-step with the New York Right to Life Committee against medical research that could save lives," said Jonathan Rosen, a spokesman for NY Ed-PAC.

"Now Maureen O’Connell is trying to hide her record against stem cell research and the right-to-choose from Nassau County voters. It's sad - but no matter how hard Maureen O'Connell tries to run away from her ultra-conservative voting record, it's clear that she's doesn't share our values," said Rosen.

NY Ed-PAC is an organization dedicated to electing state legislators that will fight for excellence in public education. While O'Connell voted against multiple Assembly budget plans to increase funding for education, Ed-PAC chose to focus on O'Connell's stem cell voting record in the ad because, according to Rosen, "it epitomizes just how out of step she is with mainstream Nassau voters."

On Sunday, O'Connell denied she opposed stem cell research and a woman's right to choose. Unfortunately her record tells a different story.
  • On March 19, 2003 and again on June 17, 2004 Maureen O'Connell voted against A-6249A – legislation to authorize scientists to clone human embryos for stem cells, while banning human cloning for non stem cell related purposes.
  • On March 17, 2005 O'Connell introduced A-10256 - which would have amended New York's Public Health Law to ban the use of human embryos for stem cell research. Christopher Reeve testified against identical legislation sponsored in the U.S. Senate by ultra-conservative GOP Senator Sam Brownback.
  • On May 3, 2005 O'Connell voted against A-6300 in the Health Committee. The bill would have established the New York State Institute for Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine.
  • A look at the legislative scorecard of NYS Right to Life shows that O'Connell voted with them 100% of the time.
"Not only is Maureen O'Connell out of step with Nassau families, she’s trying to mislead them about her ultra conservative voting record," said Rosen.

The ad began running this morning on Nassau cable television. Ed-PAC anticipates spending $250,000 to broadcast the ad over the next two weeks.

The script of the ad is below. The ad can be viewed on YouTube at:

"Out of Step"

Someday it could lead to a cure for cancer. Show us how to prevent Alzheimer's. Or help a paralyzed child walk again.

Stem cell research offers that hope. If anti-choice extremists don't stop it.

In the State Assembly, Maureen O'Connell voted against stem cell research, even sponsored legislation to ban a promising research technique, and O'Connell voted with the Right to Life Committee on every one of its key bills.

Maureen O'Connell.
Not in Step with Nassau Families
Not the change Albany needs.
13 days until Election Day!

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