Thursday, January 25, 2007

Craig Johnson Canvasses With the WFP

Craig Johnson came in to talk to the Working Families Party canvass yesterday before heading out to knock on doors and talk to voters. Here's a report from our Canvass Staff Director Mike Boland:
"57 of our Canvassers plus a few Directors came out this afternoon to meet Craig who did a really good job answering questions and pumping them up. He was really frank, and that was appreciated. He didn't give a politician type answer on questions, instead he explained clearly how the process worked and what was and wasn't within the power of a State Senator.

People tend to know when someone is talking down to them, and no one felt that way today. It might not sound like much, but in today's sound bite driven, 30 second discourse, it was a breath of fresh air for a bunch of canvassers who are trained to go out and actually get people to talk to them and listen, rather than just talk at them. Several different folks came up to me indvidually and told me as much.

After the speech and Q&A, Craig went out and canvassed with one of our Field Managers, Will Urkhart. Will said it went great and told me Craig was a really good canvasser and very personable with people. So, if he ever gets fed up with Albany, Craig's got a job waiting here with us. The Assembly pays more, but you get to work on some exciting races."
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1 comment:

Steve Perez said...

Craig's actually a pretty frequent canvasser, we've run into him 3 times on turf already this election.