Wednesday, January 17, 2007

WFP Says NO To Escalation In Iraq

George Bush's plan to increase American involvement in Iraq is a mistake.

Iraq is in a civil war. Over 100 people died in Baghdad on Tuesday - and American troops are caught in the crossfire. It was a mistake to declare war in the first place, and our troops are dying in vain. Terrorism is real, but it's long been clear that this war is reducing neither the threats posed by Islamic fundamentalism nor the sustenance that terrorists depend on.

When you're in a hole, the first rule is to stop digging. It's time to bring the troops home.

Past Congresses have taken action to regulate military deployments by limiting their timing and capping their size. The time has come for this Congress to do the same thing in Iraq.

The House of Representatives can take the first step by refusing to fund an escalation in Iraq.

It'll take all of us to end this war. But you can feel it in the air - the American public is seeing Bush and Cheney for what they really are. Out of touch. Out of ideas. Out of time. But the war won't end if we don't speak out.

Tell your U.S. Representative to say NO to George Bush's plan to escalate the war in Iraq.

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Matt Funiciello said...

Isn't it amazing ... ? The Wannabe Fascist Party (WFP) saying that it opposes escalation ... !!!

But ... aren't you guys pro-war!? You vote for and endorse pro-war candidates like Hillary and you back the pro-war Democrat Party 99% of the time over real third party candidates. Surely, you can find it within yourself to endorse and support escalation, can't you?

Seems awfully hypocritical, all this pretending to be a third party while backing corporate Dems who love war and sleaze their way into wealth feeding off the same oil and military defense contracts
the Republicans do.

Are there actually people out there so ill-informed that they don't realize WFP is pro-war?

loffko said...

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